Joe Wilson

Product & design leader

“Started with Microsoft Paint™ and now we here.” Still loving my 20+ year love affair with design and product development. Creating value from a blank canvas is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Shipping value to users is what keeps me up at night. I’ve designed and shipped over 150 software products to millions of users. 

Garafa 2008-2011

Partner & UX Designer
Designed a suite of professional and recreational grade GPS tracking software for iPhone and iPad. Highlight: Multiple ‘Top 25’ apps on the App Store. More

SloPro 2011-2013

Founder & UX Designer
Created first mobile app that could capture high frame rate video for true slow motion video. Installed 40 million+ users. Highlight: Top 10 Photo/Video app. More

Studio 2013-2017

Founder, CEO, & UX Designer
Pioneered ‘remixing’ visual content in a social app. 8 million+ installs. Highlights: Partnered with brands like Starbucks, Nissan, Madonna, & more. More

Cake Browser 2017-2020

Founder, Head of Product
Reimagined browsing the web on a mobile device. Pioneered index suppression and federated search experiences. Highlights: Highest rated iOS browser. More

Volley 2020-2023

Founder, Head of Product
Focused on improving team, community, and coaching communication using proprietary async video messaging tech. More


Education: BYU, B.S. Psychology, 2009
Board Member: Introducing Tomorrow
Hobby: Folk Silver & Artifact 925

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